Reduce the Chance of Vending Machine Repair Needs

On launching your vending machine business with a high-quality and most profitable vending machine, you want to optimize your uptime and maintain profits. Breakdowns translate into huge vending machine repair costs plus multiple lost sales and revenue.

Here, we share some tips you may need when it comes to preventing vending machine repairs, keeping it from going off-line, and earning you nothing until it’s repaired again.

Choose Highly-Rated and Reputable Vending Machine Brand

The models from trusted companies like Dixie Narco and Royal Vendors are more likely to have professional production processes and are highly durable and stable. The brands have earned a reputation in the industry for producing quality machines, offering the least downtime, and preventing vending machine repairs.

Go for Common Vending Machine Models for Easier Finding of Spare Parts

In the long run, you’ll save money and avoid breakdowns by investing and sticking to a well-known vending machine brand rather than generic types. An industry leader guarantees the availability of parts, convenient servicing from professionals experienced in that particular brand, and more uptime for your business.

Practice Easy Vending Machine Preventative Maintenance

Repairing your vending machines can save you cash, especially if you have mechanical aptitude. Nevertheless, you should check out some preventative maintenance tips to keep the machine running well and prevent serious problems.

  • Sanitize your machine using warm water, a soft towel, and food-grade detergent. Wipe and disinfect all the surfaces, including the dollar bill acceptor, at every service time to prevent buttons and bills from getting stuck or breaking the validator.
  • Position your machine on stable ground, up to four inches from the wall to maximize airflow and away from direct sunlight to avoid overheating.
  • Use compressed air to clean the condenser coils of your vending machine from anywhere between every one month and every six months, depending on where you’ve put your vending machine.
  • Go through your vending machine user manual to find out the detailed electrical needs of the model.

 Make Vending Machine Repair Process Simple and Swift

Here are some tips to help you make your machine repair process easier:

  • Stick your business information on the visible side of the vending machine to make it easier for the person in charge of its location to contact you whenever there’s a hitch, minimizing downtime or loss of customers and to maximize profits.
  • Stock up spare parts and learn basic fixes to common machine failures by attending repair training courses and reading the machine documentation. But if your machine runs into serious problems, be ready to contact skilled technicians to fix it.
  • Record all your vending machine repair services, detailing each step taken, parts replaced or repaired, date, and the service person particulars. Also, master your machine’s serial number, model number, and manufacture.

All-in-One Vending Machine Company of Your Choice

Choosing a reputable vending machine company is incredibly crucial in preventing vending machine repairs. VSI Vending & Coffee Services in Paramount, California, is the company to trust. You don’t need to bother with the nitty gritty of how to repair vending machines. Our complete vending services include everything you need to buy, install, stock, service, and repair a vending machine. Contact us today for products and services delivered by the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best vending experience.






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