Vending Services in Hawthorne, CA

Figuring out vending machines to add to your Hawthorne, CA office is simple – just call VSI Vending & Coffee Services. We have all the types of vending machines you can imagine, and the popular products to fill them. This includes coffee vending machines, food vending machines, and soda vending machines (Coke or Pepsi). Also, your inventory is completely customizable. Choose what you want from our available product list or make a special request. We’re happy to accommodate. We’re also willing to provide unique vending agreements. Ask about our subsidized or free vending programs, where you pay for a portion – or all – of the product fees so your people can enjoy an extra fringe benefit.

Hawthorne’s Provider of Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

For any Hawthorne, CA office looking to add quality coffee, VSI Vending & Coffee Services can help. We have the vending machines to match any operation, with smaller single-cup brewers up to multi-pot brewers. These are machines featuring the latest in brewing technology, letting people customize several brewing parameters. Our service goes beyond the brewers and drinks. If you’d also like someone to take the related break room supplies off your hands, like stir sticks, cups, napkins, plates and creamers, we’ll add them to our regular resupply visits.

Water quality is a problem many offices solve with a water delivery service. But why not correct the problem at the source with a water filtration service from VSI Vending & Coffee Services. We offer filtration units in different configurations to match the available space. Once the machine is hooked up to the water supply, all it takes is a turn of a faucet to receive great tasting water, hot or cold. No more lugging around heavy 5-gallon jugs.

Build a Micro-Market in Hawthorne

Hawthorne, CA offices can essentially get a convenience store installed right in their break room with a micro-market from VSI Vending & Coffee Services. We’ll work with you to determine the best place to put your store, and then we’ll create it with a series of attractive coolers, racks and displays. The store can contain many different products, from typical vending machine fare to fresh, healthy items like gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and fruit. Each store is internet-connected so we know your inventory in real-time. This helps us better serve you by restocking items in low supply and changing out items that aren’t selling. Unlike most stores that require an employee to handle transactions, a micro-market includes a self-checkout kiosk that lets customers do it themselves. This means the store can remain open at all times, no matter how many people are in the office. Contact us today!