Micro-Market Vending in Paramount, CA

Looking to offer a more robust vending experience to customers? Micro-market vending is a growing trend among Paramount, Compton, Los Angeles, and Lakewood, CA businesses and public facilities. VSI Vending & Coffee Services can work with you to bring people a full range of healthy food and drink options, self-contained within a conveniently accessible micro-market kiosk. Our state-of-the-art vending technology helps us coordinate the right stock and service schedule, so your micro-market always caters to the needs of hungry individuals.

Bring Convenience to Your Facilities

VSI Vending & Coffee Services is on the cutting edge of micro-market vending, bringing you convenient solutions to keeping people satiated. Chat with our team about the market size and options that are right for your facilities and we’ll do the rest! Contact us today at 562-633-8363 for more information on micro-markets, traditional vending machine services, subsidized vending options, and more.

Customizable Market Options

Adding a micro-market kiosk to your facilities creates a wonderful opportunity for employees and visitors to get the diverse food options they want, without leaving the premises. We can work with you to configure your micro-market vending selection to meet the demands of your patrons. Through technology and smart stocking practices, we can even tell you what sells and what doesn’t, so you can optimize your market.

Health-Conscious Options

Our partnerships with top brand names gives us access to a broad assortment of healthy foods. Choose from salads, sandwiches, burritos and other healthy, filling options. We even offer gluten-friendly and vegan options! Paramount, CA companies benefit from being able to provide their employees with nutritious, enjoyable options on-premise, often at subsidized rates.

Smart Market Technologies

Customers want a frictionless buying experience, and we help you give it to them! Our state-of-the-art smart market technologies make it easy for people to buy what they want from your micro-market kiosk. We have cashless payment options and automated stocking signals. Your customers can buy with a tap of their card and we’ll handle restocking when the low-stock signal alerts us.