Vending Services in Commerce, CA

When conducting “commerce” in Commerce, CA, it’s best when you can do it with plenty of fuel for the day. VSI Vending & Coffee Services is here to help with a wide array of vending machines. The types of vending we have available include coffee vending machines, soda machines (Coke or Pepsi), snack machines and food machines. All of our vending machines feature the latest in convenience features, such as cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and energy saving technologies. Also, they are available with remote inventory monitoring. This lets us see what’s in your machines in real-time. If you need more product, we know exactly what you need before leaving our offices. That lets us serve you better, while also letting us remain much more efficient.

Commerce Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

For years, coffee has been the fuel that powers business productivity. Companies in Commerce, CA are no different, and VSI Vending & Coffee Services is here to bring you a quality office coffee service to achieve the best office-brewed drink possible. We offer a wide range of coffees, teas and other hot beverages that people know and love. Then we’ll work with you to determine the best type of brewer to serve your staff – from single-cup brewers to machines that brew by the pot. Once your service is running, we’ll come back regularly to make sure your machines are working properly and to refill your coffee supply. If you like, we’ll also manage your other break room needs, like stir sticks, napkins, cups, plates, sweeteners and creamers. It’s something we’re glad to take off your hands so you can focus on more important tasks.

Another service from VSI Vending & Coffee Services is water filtration. Rather than working with a water delivery service that provides those heavy 5-gallon water jugs, our service used water filtration units that connect to your water supply. Available in counter-top and floor standing models, the filters remove impurities from water that can reduce quality. Soon after installation, better tasting water is available right from the tap. It’s the easiest way to get better water in your office.

Get a Micro-Market for Your Commerce Office

A micro-market is a small convenience store that can be installed in your Commerce, CA office – and VSI Vending & Coffee Services can make it happen. Instead of a series of vending machines, micro-markets involve the use of racks, displays and coolers to create the store within your available office space. You can choose from hundreds of snacks, beverages and food options to fill your store, including items that you don’t typically find with a vending service, like gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and other fresh, healthy choices. Micro-markets are remotely monitored, so we know in real-time if the store needs restocking. It also lets us figure out what products are popular, and which are not, so we can keep updating your inventory. The stores include an integrated self-checkout kiosk that allows each customer to handle his/her own transaction. This not only maximizes convenience, but it allows the store to remain open all day, every day. Contact us today to learn more.