Vending Machine Services in Paramount, CA

People approach vending machines because they’re looking for a quick fix to quell their hunger or thirst. When they look at the options in a vending machine, they want to see something that appeals to them! VSI Vending & Coffee Services understands the demands of Paramount, Compton, Los Angeles, and Lakewood, CA customers, which is why we provide vending options that satisfy those needs.

As a complete vending machine service, we stock and supply products that people want. When they approach your vending machine, we make sure there’s something that piques their attention and gets them to interact with it. From brand-name soft drinks, to quick snacks, to healthy food options, we can tailor your vending selection around the needs of any customer. We also handle vending machine repairs, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Complete Vending Solutions

Your complete vending machine service, VSI Vending & Coffee Services is ready to provide a selection of beverages, snacks and foods that appeals to your customers. Contact us today by calling 562-633-8363 and we’ll keep your machine stocked with the right products and serviced with comprehensive vending machine repair regularly. Or learn more about our subsidized vending options and office coffee machines.


Our beverage vending solutions put name-brand drinks in front of your customers, giving them refreshing options they’ll be glad to choose from. We have partnerships with Pepsi, Coca-Cola and various other brands, bringing you everything from soft drinks, to iced teas, to bottled water and much more.


In the fast-paced Paramount, CA climate, people don’t always have time for a complete meal. They need to grab a snack on-the-go, and they won’t settle for anything less than their favorites. We load vending machines with products that sell, including chips, pastries, healthy bars and much more.


From micro-markets to vending machines, our selection goes beyond the usual snacks and drinks. We can also supply salads, sandwiches and burritos, alongside many other healthy options, including fruit, wraps, bagels and even frozen foods!