Free & Subsidized Vending in Paramount, CA

Considering a vending solution for your office or private facilities? Let VSI Vending & Coffee Services introduce you to free or subsidized vending solutions that make it easy for people to get the drinks and snacks they’re craving. We’ve partnered with private organizations throughout Paramount, CA to provide free and subsidized vending options that meet their unique needs.

These options remove the barriers of purchase from vending machines, allowing employees and other designated customers to make a selection at a lower cost, using convenient cashless payment methods.

A Low-Cost Solution to Vending

Looking to add a perk to your facilities? Consider free vending solutions for VSI Vending & Coffee Services! From snacks and beverages to micro markets with healthy food selections, we can coordinate a frictionless vending solution that meets your needs. Contact us today by calling 562-633-8363 for more information on free vending, office coffee supplies, micro-market kiosks, and more.

Free Vending

The more barriers to purchase you remove, the easier it is for people to interact with your vending equipment. Our free vending systems are the epitome of simple. No more tying to feed wrinkly dollar bills into a machine or scrounging for pocket change! Our cash-free systems take credit and debit card, as well as many forms of mobile payment. Customers can swipe, insert or tap their card, or authorize payment on their smartphone to instantly make a purchase and walk away satisfied.

Subsidized Vending Options

Subsidized vending is a smart option for many Paramount, Compton, Los Angeles, and Lakewood, CA area businesses looking to bring in vending as a perk for their employees. Subsidized vending plans allow employers to prepay for vending stock and make it available to their employees at a free or reduced charge. Nothing makes a break room more accommodating than free snacks and beverages! It’s a cost-effective perk for businesses that has a great effect on morale and company culture.