Tips for Sanitizing Your Vending Machines

The COVID-19 pandemic made us all look at sanitizing surfaces a bit differently. The emphasis on cleaning held true for those with vending machines—as it should. Many business owners now take cleaning to new heights and clean their vending machines more frequently using better cleaning methods.

Keep reading to learn a few tricks to keep your vending machines clean.

How to properly sanitize your vending machine

Sanitizing your vending machine isn’t all that difficult nor time-consuming. Follow these steps to clean your vending machine in a matter of minutes:

  • Remove the contents: The first step is to remove all of the products from inside the vending machine. This can be a bit of a pain if the machine is full, but it’s necessary to ensure the interior of the unit gets as clean as possible.
  • Wipe the interior: Next use a soft cloth dipped in water and an antibacterial cleaning solution to gently clean the shelves and all mechanisms inside the machine. The key here is to be gentle and use a nonabrasive cleaner to avoid damaging components inside the machine.
  • Clean the glass: This step only applies if your vending machine has a glass panel, but your next step is to wipe the glass down with a cloth and nonabrasive glass-cleaning solution. Make sure the glass is totally dry before closing the door again.
  • Clean the bottom and exterior: Use another cloth to wipe down the outside of the vending machine. Be sure to check the tray at the bottom of the unit for any spills and scrub off any stuck-on debris or dried liquids.
  • Replace all products: Now that everything’s as clean as a whistle, you can load all of the food or drinks back into the machine.

Tricks to keep your vending machines clean

Following the steps above will keep your vending machine sparkling clean. For an even cleaner unit, consider the following tips:

  • Clean it frequently: The more often you clean your vending machine, the better. Ideally, cleaning would be a daily process; however, that’s not always possible if you have a busy schedule or are short-staffed. Try to perform the entire sanitation process every week or right before the machine is restocked.
  • Increase airflow: Moving your vending machine a few inches from the wall or other units increases airflow and reduces the buildup of bacteria. Additionally, the more space you have between the vending machine and other things, the easier it is to clean.
  • Replace out-of-date products: This one doesn’t necessarily help eliminate germs, but replacing any food that’s out of date is a best practice for everyone’s safety. Plus, nobody likes grabbing a bag of stale chips.

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