Self-Fill Vending vs. Full-Service Vending: Which Is Right for You?

Finding a vending machine when you haven’t had time to eat or drink anything is a little like finding an oasis in a desert. Vending machines serve a functional purpose, allowing people to grab a drink or snack quickly and inexpensively.

If you don’t have one for your workplace, you should consider installing one. Once you decide you want a vending machine, the next choice you’ll have to make is between self-fill vs. full-service vending machines.

To help you decide between self-fill vending vs. full-service vending, this article will address some frequently asked questions regarding these two types of vending machines.

What is self-fill vending?

The main difference when evaluating self-fill vending vs. full-service vending is who fills the machine. With self-fill vending, you and your company fill the machine or machines yourselves.

In fact, with self-fill vending machines, you and your company can purchase the machine outright, meaning that you can stock it with whatever you like and you won’t have to pay rental fees. You also won’t have to pay a third-party vendor to stock it.

What is full-service vending?

Full-service vending machines are a more laissez-faire option. You and your company usually pay a vending machine company to rent a vending machine. Your business will have to supply the power and required space for the machine but will also be entitled to some commission fees from the vending company.

The main perk of full-service vending is that you won’t have to stock the machine yourself. Many vending companies even offer free maintenance, repairs and filling services so you and your company won’t have to worry about paying each time the machine needs to be filled or repaired.

How does time factor into self-fill and full-service vending?

Understanding how self-fill vs. full-service vending machines stack up against each other can be a complex process depending on several different factors. The first factor you should consider is time. If you want to purchase a self-fill vending machine, you or a trusted employee will have to take time to maintain it. This isn’t as simple as throwing a few candy bars inside.

You or an employee will have to collect the money deposited in the machine and add the necessary change. Ideally, you would also be logging how many of each product had sold so you could track sales accurately.

Full-service vending removes the obligation of filling and servicing the machine from your employees. If you’re short on time or staff, consider full-service vending machines.

Which machine is more profitable?

If adding some profit to your business is your main goal, you should consider self-fill vending machines. You and your company have considerably more control over what you pay and how much money you take in with a self-fill vending machine. The profit calculation is more involved though, as you’ll have to factor in multiple different expenses.

A full-service vending machine may be easier to manage, but your company only makes a small commission on each sale, compared to a self-fill vending machine where every cent sold goes into your company’s coffers.

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