The Best Places to Put a Vending Machine

Do you want to get into the vending machine business? It’s one of the best businesses because it can be started with a small investment, you don’t need to be an expert in anything, and you can work from pretty much anywhere. However, you need to establish your business at the right locations that experience a lot of traffic, otherwise your vending machines will just be sitting there collecting dust. Let’s look at smart places to put a vending machine.

1. Hospitals

One of the best things about choosing a hospital is that these establishments never close. That means you’ll always have customers. Hospitals are also filled with people of all ages, so it’s a perfect place to put gumball machines, snack machines, and drink machines. People visiting their loved ones will likely be hungry and looking to grab a quick snack or drink, and your vending machine will be right there to serve them. Just make sure you get permission from the hospital administration first.

2. Gyms

Gym-goers are always looking for a quick and healthy snack after working up a sweat. That’s why putting a vending machine in a gym can be a nice idea. People will be grateful to have access to healthy snacks and drinks, and you’ll be able to make a good profit. Individuals who work here will also appreciate having a beverage or snack when they need it because they mostly have short breaks.

3. College Campuses

A college campus is another area to put a vending machine because there are so many students always around. This gives you the advantage of having a large customer base, and since college students are always looking for quick snacks, your vending machine will be a hit. You just need to make sure you have plenty of stock to prevent the machine from running out too quickly.

4. Office Buildings

An office building is another excellent place for free vending machine placement as well as for-profit vending machines. If you’re a business owner and want to provide drinks and snacks to your employees, a vending machine will come in handy. People working in these buildings are likely to have short breaks and long days, so they might need a quick pick-me-up from time to time. If you’re looking to make a profit, you can put a vending machine in the lobby or common area of the building.

5. Movie Theaters

A movie theater is a fun place to put a vending machine because people are always looking for snacks before or during the show. You can offer a variety of snacks, drinks, and even toys so that you can appeal to everyone. Just make sure your machine is well-stocked since movie-goers tend to be very eager for food.

6. Retail Stores

If you have a retail store, you can put a vending machine near the entrance or exit. This way, people can grab a quick snack or drink before leaving your store, and it will help attract impulse buyers. Just make sure you put the vending machine in a secure place to avoid getting in the way or becoming a safety hazard. If you don’t have a retail store, you can still put a vending machine near a high-traffic area in the mall.

7. Airports

People always need food and drinks when they travel, so airports are a perfect place to put a vending machine. Travelers often have little time to wait in line or enjoy a meal, so they’re much more likely to purchase items from your vending machine. That said, you’ll need to get permission from the airport authorities before setting up your machine.

With so many locations to choose from, finding the best place for your vending machine won’t be difficult. Ensure you choose a spot where potential buyers will have easy access to it.

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