Healthy Drinks To Keep Stocked in Your Vending Machine

Traditionally, vending machines have been known to stock sugary drinks that one may consider not very healthy. But things have changed. Now more than ever, people are conscious of the foods they allow into their bodies. That means if you only stock your vending machines with sugary stuff, not many people will buy such items. Fortunately, big brands are now providing healthy drinks options to accommodate everyone. If you are looking for the best drinks to keep in your vending machine that are healthy, here are the products to consider.

Vitamin Water Zero

Vitamin water is a product by Coca-Cola that has had immense success. Unlike the original vitamin water, it does not have added sugars. This drink is ideal for anyone craving the sweetness of soda but does not want to ingest the sugar that comes with it. The drink lacks artificial flavors and sweeteners, making it a healthy choice for your vending machine.

Honest Tea (Unsweetened)

Honest tea is another Coca-cola product that is sugar-free yet high in taste and flavor. It also has low calories, making it attractive to people keen on their weight. Honest tea offers various tea options, such as ginger peach tea which is sugar and calories-free. However, remember that sweetened tea contains as much sugar as regular soda. It is therefore important to stock the unsweetened options to attract consumers that do not want calorie-dense drinks.


Bubly by Pepsi is unsweetened sparkling water that has also appealed to consumers looking for sugar and calorie-free alternatives. The drink is available in various options, such as grapefruit, strawberry, orange, lemon, cherry, and cranberry. Bubly combines sparkling water with a natural fruit flavor to give you a delicious product with no sweeteners. Stock it in your vending machines, and be sure to include multiple flavors to give consumers options.

Dasani Sparkling

Dasani sparkling is for consumers looking for carbonation but do not want any sugars or calories. Sparkling water is a popular alternative to soda because of its carbonation and the fresh flavor it offers. Keep your health-conscious consumers happy by stocking your vending machine with Dasani sparkling.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a popular product that will appeal to everyone, whether they love soda or not. It is one of the best-selling healthy drinks for vending machines you can be sure people will buy. Also, this is the most obvious drink expected in a vending machine, no matter where you are located. One of the main advantages of bottled water is that dietary restrictions or allergies do not limit it. That means it is a health product for everyone.

SoBe Water

SoBe water by Pepsi was previously called SoBe Life water. This is a vitamin-infused drink with 0 calories, making it a healthy choice for your vending machine. It has multiple delicious flavors and contains antioxidants and Vitamins.

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