What Vending Machines Make the Most Money?

Vending machines are the new gold. There are lots of profits to be made in vending, which is evident in the industry’s current state. Currently, over 5 million vending machines are operating in the United States, and they rake in around $7 billion annually in sales. The snack niche alone generates approximately $65 million annually in profits.  

The average person spends over $27 annually on vending machine products. The transaction cost for most products is $1.70. This means that one vending machine can bring in over $300 per month. But which are the most profitable vending machines in 2022? Well, let’s find out!

Most Profitable Vending Machines 2022

Bulk Vending Machines

These are one of the most profitable vending machines in 2022. The low initial investment for these mini, tech-based machines guarantees you high returns and unlimited weekly cash flows. You can set your hours with these machines. Unlike other machines that will cost you anywhere between $500 to $10,000, this machine will cost you $39 to $2,700.

Ice Vending Machines

Location is vital when it comes to erecting an ice vending machine. If you manage to locate it in a high traffic area near a gas station or a high-traffic store, good profits are guaranteed. Ice doesn’t have a sell-by date, and there are minimal risks with this investment. Buyers will also buy more for this reason.

An ice vending machine will cost you around $20,000 and up. Utility costs differ depending on the area, but electricity and water will cost you roughly 25 cents for every 100 lbs of ice. Selling 20-lbs bags at $1.75 translates to $1.60 in profits. There can never be a better deal than this.

Cold Food Vending Machine

These machines dispense frozen, ready-to-eat foods such as burritos, breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, and full meals. To make this machine profitable, stock both foods with a long and short shelf life. Since people are always paying for meals, you’ll be able to generate lots of profits within a short period, especially if the machine accepts debit or credit cards. A cold food vending machine will cost you around $99.95.

Snacks and Beverage Vending Machine

Snack and drink machines account for a majority of the vending market. Snack vending machines account for 40% of the profits in the vending business, with candy and confections topping the list. Soda and other cold drink vending machines are pretty expensive since they require refrigeration. Sodas are usually priced at $1.50 and up to $3.00 in some areas. Buying snacks and beverages wholesale will see you generate up to $1.00 in profits per transaction.

So, how much can a vending machine make per month? The average machine will make you $160 a month, but if located in a high-traffic area, it can generate over $400. 

The best part of running a vending machine business is that it doesn’t take up as much of your time as other startup businesses would. This business can also generate profits with the proper structure, strategy, and pricing. The success or failure of the business starts and ends with the type of machine and location. Be sure to go for the most profitable type, locate it in high-traffic areas where most of your target group is, then watch the magic happen.

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