Five Surprising Benefits of Upgrading to Workplace Micro Markets

All business owners or managers are always looking for ways to increase employee productivity. While team-building events can boost morale for an afternoon, there are some effective ways to enhance the everyday life of your group. Many business owners wonder whether micro markets improve employee productivity. The answer is yes—and they also provide some other surprising benefits for business owners as well as your entire team.

If you’ve been asking yourself “Should we replace company vending machines with a micro market?” read on to learn why it’s an incredibly smart choice.

Micro markets enhance employee productivity

How exactly do micro markets improve employee productivity? For one thing, it keeps them from straying off campus to grab a snack or meal from a nearby drive-thru. It turns an ordinary breakroom into a mini convenience store, providing plenty of delicious options right within the workplace. Over time, it’ll save your employees a lot of time and allow them to remain focused and productive on the job.

Micro markets offer increased variety

When people think of vending machines, they typically picture the standard bulk vending machines filled with chips, candy bars and other snack foods. Micro markets are anything but standard. Depending on the design configuration you choose for your space, the micro market on your premises can be filled with hot and cold options, frozen meals, fresh salads and sandwiches and a wide range of beverages besides standard soda and sports drinks. Employees will appreciate the expanded options, many of which are healthy and satisfying.

Micro markets feature a flexible design

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to micro markets, which means you can customize it to the wants and needs of your employees. Depending on the size and layout of your breakroom, you can add refrigerated cases, freezer cases, coffee stations, microwaves and much more.

Micro markets are easy to use

Micro markets are essentially grab-and-go markets. Employees and visitors to your business can easily grab what they want from the market and use a kiosk to check out. With no cashier required, it eliminates lines and makes it much easier for employees to get what they want and get on with their day, further enhancing productivity and employee happiness.

Micro markets are free for business owners

One of the main advantages to micro markets is that they come at no cost to business owners. When you partner with a reputable local vending company, they provide all the fixtures, foods and beverages for your space. They also handle any maintenance concerns so you can be sure your market will stay in excellent functional and aesthetic shape. When stock gets low, advanced inventory tracking systems alert the vending company and tell them it’s time to restock. All you have to do is let the vending experts do the work and enjoy.

When it comes to the question, “Should we replace company vending machines with a micro market?” the answer couldn’t be easier, as long as you work with a reliable vending company to provide service. The experts at VSI Vending & Coffee Services are ready to provide you and your employees with the fresh, delicious options you’ll only find in a modern micro market. Reach out today to learn more!

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