The Best Vending Machines for an Office

Vending machines are one of the simplest and most effective methods of providing snacks to employees in a small office. You’ll find them in breakrooms all over the country. They’re a relatively low investment, and can improve employee satisfaction (and therefore productivity as well).

Of course, there are going to be a variety of options when working with a vending machine service when it comes to the type of machine you place in your office. Most modern vending machines have LED lighting and interactive touch screens. But beyond these features that will be included in most machines you find, what are some of the other features and issues you should take into account when searching for a machine?

Here are a few examples of some ideal vending machines for small offices and some of the features they include:

  • Narrow machines: You can find some vending machines that are taller and narrower than the standard options, which helps them fit into smaller spaces. If you don’t have a lot of square footage to devote to a vending machine in your breakroom or other spaces, this can be a good way to get all the benefits of a vending machine without having to move too much around.
  • Snack and beverage combos: Do you want to be able to deliver both snacks and beverage options to your employees? Rather than getting two separate vending machines, you can find an option that includes both, which will save you both space and money.
  • Rotating displays: This is another great option for office buildings that have very little space to work with. There are some vending machines that have rotating displays, which can maximize your available space and also create a bit of interest and intrigue for the people who will be using them. More snack options, less space taken up!
  • Cashless vending machines: We’re living in an increasingly paperless world, and many people simply no longer carry cash around with them. Therefore, it’s important to offer cashless vending machines that accept credit and debit card payments. This will help you serve more of your employees and prevent frustration stemming from a hungry employee wanting to grab a snack but realizing they didn’t come to work with any cash.
  • Custom designs: Some vending machine services are willing to work with clients to deliver vending machines with custom designs. In many cases, this involves adding corporate logos, messaging, colors and graphics that are consistent with your branding and/or the décor around your office space. This gives you more customization and control over the appearance of your breakroom.

Before you add a breakroom to your office space, you might find it worthwhile to poll your office employees and figure out what they would most like in a vending machine. Are they more interested in snacks or beverages, or are both equally important? Do they have specific snacks or beverages they’re looking for? How much variety is important?

For more information about the benefits of vending machines for an office, contact the team at VSI Vending & Coffee Services.

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