Four Reasons Why You Should Provide Coffee Vending Services to Your Employees

Coffee is the perfect way to start—or power through—any workday. It’s a core part of the daily routine of employees around the world. Workplaces without a coffee vending machine are missing out on several key benefits that come when you provide easy access to coffee on campus. If you’re wondering, “Do employees need a coffee machine in the workplace?” here are four piece of evidence in support of the importance of coffee vending in the workplace.

Coffee vending improves productivity

Why do employees need a coffee machine in the workplace? For starters, it boosts productivity significantly. Whether your team frequently needs a little jolt in the morning to start the day off right or an afternoon pick-me-up to power through the remainder of the workday, it’s smart to give them easy access to their favorite brew right in the breakroom. It also keeps employees on campus. Rather than spending their time driving to the nearest coffee shop or convenience store, employees can save a lot of time in the long run when coffee is just steps from their desk or workstation.

Coffee vending encourages socialization among teams

When you add a coffee vending machine to your breakroom, you can provide your employees with improved options for socialization. Taking a coffee break with colleagues is a great opportunity to foster relationships among coworkers, allowing them to network and talk things over in a relaxed, informal way. Studies show that coffee breaks actually increase the strength and cohesion of coworkers, which indirectly boosts productivity, too.

Coffee vending gives employees plenty of delicious options

Today’s coffee vending machines do much more than spit out a piping hot cup of black coffee or some watered-down hot chocolate. Modern machines provide plenty of options for your employees, from hot tea to lattes, espresso to iced coffee. Orders can be modified with flavors, sugar, creamers and anything else you need to create a refreshing beverage that’s exactly to your liking.

Coffee vending is free to business owners

Who can say no to free stuff? You can improve worker morale and productivity in the workplace at no cost to you with modern coffee vending machines. All you have to do is partner with a local vending service to provide the machine, products and regular service whenever it’s required. You’ll also never have to worry about restocking or maintaining the machine. Since vending companies make their money off the products that are purchased, they do all the work—all you need to do is supply the space.

Now that you have a good understanding of the importance of coffee vending in the workplace, the next step is to find a vending company that can install and service the right machine for your space. Contact the team at VSI Vending & Coffee Services today to learn more about how simple it is to boost productivity and improve relationships among your team by offering easy access to delicious coffee for your employees. We look forward to working with you!

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