Tips for Securing Your Vending Machine

The fact is that keeping your vending machine secure is vital, but it may not be as easy as you think. Insurance companies may consider them to be liabilities, as they act like small safes, holding plenty of money and product. This makes them a target for thieves, who will break in and steal from the machines. Some thieves may find a way to get a copy of a key, giving them access to all revenues. Vending machines may also be the subject of vandalism.

Any of the above incidents could be a massive hit for a smaller business. Read on to find out about how to best manage vending machine security in Los Angeles, CA.

How to keep your vending machines safe

Thieves are liable to consider vending machines to be easy targets. They may be in out-of-the-way areas and vulnerable to smash-and-grabs. They’re typically unattended and breaking into them doesn’t seem difficult.

One thing vendors should do is carefully consider the location of each vending machine. Placing them in heavily trafficked areas can be helpful, as thieves will think twice if there are people around. You can also try to place vending machines near security cameras, which will also help to deter theft.

Adding locks

Another strategy is to use heavy-duty locks on the machines. Electronic locks are another popular option that allow you to avoid issues with key management. Another possibility is patented technology, which will also hinder the illicit copying of keys. While these steps could be an increased up-front cost, they will pay off if it prevents thieves from breaking into them.

Think about it this way: A thief targeting a vending machine is looking for a soft target with a small payout. They want the easiest target possible. Therefore, they’ll pass up vending machines in heavily trafficked areas that have strong locks and look for other places to rob.

Management software

Another issue with vending machine theft is that it may be difficult to discover they’ve happened in real time. A break-in can occur without the vendor’s knowledge. But vending machine software solves this issue. Via an app tied to the software, you’ll be able to monitor what’s happening at your vending machines in real-time.

This includes service notifications, potential break-ins, as well as route info. This makes it easy for you to keep an eye on every machine—whether you’re present on the site or not. Just like in other businesses, it’s important to make technology work for you when it comes to vending machine security.

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