How Much Can You Make from Vending Machines?

Installing a vending machine (or a few vending machines) at your business is always a good idea. After all, it’s hard to find a customer or employee who doesn’t enjoy a quick snack or refreshing beverage. But in addition to keeping everyone on-site happy, business owners have to think about how much additional revenue those vending machines can bring in for their company.

This post will cover a few of the factors that play into vending machine profits and how you can make the most money possible with vending machine optimization in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Your industry: Companies that always have customers on-site tend to make more money than those that do not. Car service centers, for example, constantly have customers waiting around for their vehicles. When these folks get hungry or thirsty, they turn to vending machines to satiate their needs.
  • Vending machine location: It should be common sense that hidden vending machines don’t make as much as those that are front and center! To boost your profits, install your vending machines in an easy-to-access area that customers will see right away. Your vending machine supplier should be able to help you with this task.
  • Suppliers used: Although it’s nice to support local businesses, small suppliers pay lower commission rates than big ones like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. At VSI Vending & Coffee Services, we work with the top brands to ensure our customers get the biggest vending machine profits in Los Angeles, CA.

What are the most profitable vending machines?

Obviously, not all vending machines are created equal. For the best vending machine profits in Los Angeles, CA, consider installing these types of machines:

  • Branded sodas: Speaking of brands, selling name-brand beverages is the best way to make big profits. Customers or employees will always reach for an ice-cold drink on a hot day, so meet their needs with a soda machine. Be sure to stock your vending machine with a variety of choices to keep everyone happy.
  • Snacks: A glass-front snack machine is another profitable vending option. These machines don’t need to be branded because customers can already see all the options in front of them. From chocolate bars to healthier options, we recommend stocking all sorts of different items in your snack machine.
  • Micro markets: Fresh sandwiches and salads sold from micro markets can bring in a lot of money from customers or employees who want a healthy meal instead of a quick snack; however, it’s important to note that micro markets do take up more space than a regular vending machine and can be a bit more expensive to operate.

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