Top Reasons to Have a Vending Machine in Your Office

When you’re working at an office or other brick-and-mortar location, you’ll inevitably find yourself hungry or thirsty from time to time. It’s impossible to do great work when all you can focus on is how badly you want a meal, which is why having a vending machine or two in your office can be a great way to keep your staff fed, hydrated and happy while boosting their productivity. Here are the top reasons why office vending machines in Los Angeles, CA are always a smart choice for any workplace:

  • Keep your employees alert: If you’re starving, concentrating on the latest reports or helping a customer pick out the perfect outfit is much harder than it needs to be—plus, many people have health conditions that require them to keep their blood sugar levels at a consistent rate. If you want people to be alert, awake and productive, making sure there’s food available is common sense.
  • Someone is bound to forget their lunch: Whether your lunch break is 30 minutes or an hour, that’s hardly enough time to go out, grab lunch, come back, eat it and be ready to get back to work when time runs out. Everyone forgets their lunch at least once in a while, so having a variety of convenient options can take the hassle out of feeding yourself in a time crunch.
  • Waste less time on snack runs: Popping over to a nearby store for a snack takes time, too—why require your employees to leave the premises when you can present them with great snacks and beverages for their breaks? It’ll keep them closer to their desks or stations, even when the 3 p.m. caffeine crash strikes, and they’ll appreciate not having to go out for a pick-me-up.
  • Make some extra cash: Depending on which vending machine company you work with, or if you operate your own, you might even make some extra cash. It’s a rare company that doesn’t want to generate more income, so why not take advantage of an easy opportunity to make your employees happy and make money in the process?
  • No extra effort required on your part: Speaking of easy opportunities, having a vending machine in your office is virtually effortless on your part. VSI Vending & Coffee Services delivers and services the machines, stocks them according to your preferences and works with you to make sure the selection and quality are exactly what you desire. There couldn’t be an easier way to keep everyone fed, happy and productive throughout the workday.

Office vending machines in Los Angeles, CA

VSI Vending & Coffee Services is available to help you provide a variety of food and beverage options to your office, including healthy meals and indulgent snacks at several price points. For over two decades, we have provided vending machines to Los Angeles-area customers, including stocking and maintenance services. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and friendly service when you call us today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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