How Can I Make Sure My Micro Market Is Secure?

Self-checkout micro markets are the future of vending machines. Instead of traditional enclosed vending machines that dispense prepackaged food and drinks, micro markets in Los Angeles, CA offer a variety of options in a setting that look more like a grocery store than a soulless break room. They operate on the honor system, using an open display and a self-checkout service that saves time and manpower while also offering convenience and style.

What are micro markets?

Micro markets offer myriad options like grocery stores, but with the convenience of a vending machine. These customizable mini-marts use a combination of technology and the honor system to ensure that customers can find just what they want to eat and drink, but without having to remember to bring cash or a credit card. In fact, most of them are equipped with Apple Pay and Google Wallet, so all your customers will need is their phone in order to make a purchase. It’s great for quick runs to the breakroom.

Keeping your micro market secure

As micro markets grow in popularity, keeping them safe and secure is a concern. Theft is the main issue, but keeping your network connectivity functional is also important. Here are the best micro market security tips in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Consider using pressure-sensitive shelves: Using pressure-sensitive shelves enables you to keep an eye on what people are buying, when they’re buying it and whether they’re paying for it. The shelves will register when someone picks up an item, and if it’s not returned within a certain amount of time, the system will expect a transaction to be made. If there’s no transaction, you’ll be alerted and can follow up on the problem.
  • Automatic digital locks: Digital locks aren’t designed to prevent theft—that defeats the purpose of the open market—but they can help lock products down if there has been a sudden rash of theft. If the system detects that a certain number of goods have been taken without being purchased, it will lock the micro market and prevent anyone else from taking items until you investigate the problem. Once you’re satisfied, you can reopen the micro market to resume business as usual.
  • Use video surveillance: Most people are more than happy to pay for their goods and services, but if you suspect you’ve got a bad apple in the barrel, you can use video surveillance to keep them on the up-and-up. It will allow you to see who is purchasing what, time-stamp transactions and visits and even deter would-be thieves from making an attempt. It’s a simple but effective aid to your anti-theft measures.
  • Check connectivity often: Finally, you need a secure and reliable network for your micro market purchases. Not only will your customers be transmitting sensitive financial information across the network, but if they can’t pay for their items because the network is down, you’ll lose money.

Interested in installing your own micro market? To learn more or get additional micro market security tips in Los Angeles, CA, call VSI Vending & Coffee Services today.

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