Why You Should Put New and Exciting Options in Your Vending Machines

In 1883, an Englishman named Percival Everitt unveiled a coin-operated machine that dispensed postcards to travelers heading to and fro via the United Kingdom’s rail system. These marvelous inventions, which came to be called vending machines, soon became ubiquitous in railway stations and post offices across the country. It wasn’t long before entrepreneurs seized on the opportunity to put convenient snacks in vending machines and, before too long, a cottage industry was born.

In the century and a half since their invention, vending machines reached every corner of the world. Vending machine service in Los Angeles, CA has become commonplace, to the point that a lot of customers simply choose to walk on by—unless, that is, you’re offering something unique. If you haven’t considered spicing up your vending machine offerings, here are some compelling reasons to rethink your choices.

It could be impacting your sales

Easily the most critical component of failing to mix up your vending machine products is the negative impact that it has on your overall sales. If customers come to think that your vending machines offer nothing but the same old stuff day in and day out, they’ll get bored and stop patronizing your machines.

Expand your reach

Whether you realize it or not, your vending machines have “regulars.” Regardless of where your vending machines are located, you can bet that a number of people have taken to patronizing them as a routine part of their day. If, suddenly, your vending machines in Los Angeles, CA should provide them with a pleasant surprise—a new snack, for example—they will mention it. That’s word-of-mouth advertising that you can’t buy.

Appeal to a healthier crowd

A growing number of people are avoiding vending machine sales because they believe that there is nothing healthy on offer. For years, vending machines have cultivated a reputation as havens for junk food, sweets and chewing gum. That’s no longer the case. As more and more healthy snacks and drinks find their way into the public’s hands, these same consumers have come to expect them in vending machines, as well.

If you’re still sticking to chocolate candy bars and greasy potato chips, you’re missing out on an entire swath of potential customers. KIND bars, for example, are a great source of nutrition that taste great, too.

Surprise your customer (and yourself)

You can never tell what might happen if you take a chance and try something new in one of your vending slots. Several exciting new products will lure in scores of new customers. For example, Coca-Cola has released an orange-vanilla flavor. Pepsi has also spiced things up with a trio of summertime flavors. A little bit of research will likely unearth tons of opportunities you never thought possible.

Your vending partner

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