Should Your Hotel Use Vending Machines or a Micro Market?

When people come to stay at your hotel, they are expecting you’ll be able to provide for their needs, beyond just a clean bed to sleep in and a good assortment of TV channels. Namely, when the mood strikes, your customers hope to be able to slide into a pair of slippers, plod down to the lobby and grab a snack. That’s where the hotelier’s great debate comes in: should you supply vending machines or go with micro market vending in Los Angeles, CA?

Here are some factors to consider as you make this pivotal decision.

The pros and cons of vending machines

For more than a century, customers of every stripe have relied on traditional vending machines for a late-night snack or a quick soda. Today, vending machines have adapted to customer tastes by offering a selection of healthy snacks that people from every walk of life can appreciate. Vending machines are easy to install, they’re extremely inexpensive (sometimes they’re even free) and most customers love them.

One of the major drawbacks of vending machines—service issues—can be remedied when you work with a talented vending machine company. The other issue, however, can’t be solved. The fact is that some of your customers may find vending machines an unwelcome and impersonal addition to your hotel.

The pros and cons of a micro market

For those who have never run across micro market kiosks in Los Angeles, CA, they’re a luxurious step up from vending machines. Micro markets fall somewhere between a convenience store and vending machines. These small shops, typically tucked away in a nook of your hotel’s lobby, feature a broad assortment of goods that vending machines could never house. Did you guest forgot their toothbrush? A micro market has it covered.

Since they’re essentially unmanned stores in your hotel lobby, micro markets suffer from none of the service issues that can occasionally plague vending machines. They can also prove more profitable than vending machines, since you can set the prices (and clients will pay a much higher markup for the convenience of getting items without leaving the hotel).

Of course, supplying and managing a micro market is both time-consuming and a more costly endeavor. If you’re busy with the full-time operation of your hotel, adding a micro market on top of that may not be the best idea.

Convenience and service all in one

Whether you’re looking for the area’s best vending machines or you’re interested in micro market vending in Los Angeles, CA, VSI Vending & Coffee Services has you covered. For more than twenty years, we have provided the extended Los Angeles area with one-of-a-kind vending services. Coffee machines, micro market stocking, ice cream machines, fresh food dispensers and traditional vending options—the sky is the limit when you work with VSI Vending & Coffee Services.

We take immense pride in using state-of-the-art delivery methods to ensure your food stays in fresh and pristine condition for your valuable clients. Experiencing a problem? One of our highly-skilled technicians will rush to your side at a moment’s notice to assess your issue and find a solution. That’s our promise to you.

When you need the city’s best vending services, call VSI Vending & Coffee Services. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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