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Top Reasons to Have a Coffee Machine in Your Office

If someone asked you how you start your morning, it’s likely your answer would involve some sort of coffee drink. Coffee is a vital part of many people’s daily routines—some spend hundreds of dollars a month just on coffee. That is why office coffee machines in Los Angeles, CA are so popular and such a […]

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How Can I Make Sure My Micro Market Is Secure?

Self-checkout micro markets are the future of vending machines. Instead of traditional enclosed vending machines that dispense prepackaged food and drinks, micro markets in Los Angeles, CA offer a variety of options in a setting that look more like a grocery store than a soulless break room. They operate on the honor system, using an […]

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Should Your Hotel Use Vending Machines or a Micro Market?

When people come to stay at your hotel, they are expecting you’ll be able to provide for their needs, beyond just a clean bed to sleep in and a good assortment of TV channels. Namely, when the mood strikes, your customers hope to be able to slide into a pair of slippers, plod down to […]

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