Should Your Hotel Use Vending Machines or a Micro Market?

The right delivery method for snacks and foods at your hotel can vary depending on what works best for you. For those deciding which is best for you, micro markets and vending machines are great options. To find out what will work best for you, keep reading.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Vending Machines?

The first and foremost reason that vending machines are helpful is that they are self-sustainable to a certain extent. You will not have to monitor them, and you will not have to figure out if things are being stolen or if they are being paid for as they should be. Vending machines are a wonderful option if you want to offer things like soda, snacks, and more to your guests, but you do not want to have someone there watching the market’s every move.

You can find some great options when you look for sustainable machines. There are plenty of wonderful machines out there that can allow your guests to get their snacks and head back to their rooms. Vending machines do not take a huge amount of energy, are easy to maintain, and easy to refill with items your guests need while they stay.

How Long do Vending Machines Last?

Vending machines can last decades if they are well cared for and well maintained. A properly maintained vending machine can last for years, and it can serve your patrons wonderfully and easily. If you are dealing with a used machine, you may have less time with that particular machine, and you may have to do more work on it to keep it working well.

Micro Markets

When it comes to micro markets, employees on-site will manage the market and sell to customers and other employees. This is a great option if you have the staff and space. If you are limited on space and are unwilling to pay employees to run the micro market, it can be a bigger drain on your company than something like a vending machine that does not require a human to manage it.

A great micro market can be a wonderful option if you have the ability to host one and if you are willing to put in the extra time, effort and money. Micro markets are great if you want your space to be a bit more personal and a bit more involved in the overall experience. Micro markets can truly help your hotel offer a range of items for your guests if you are not looking to add vending machines.

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