Best Office Coffee Machine 2022: The Hot Drink Dispensers Your Workplace Needs

An office cannot run effectively without everyone’s favorite beverage powering them through the day. We are, of course, talking about coffee. So, that begs the question: What is the best office coffee machine 2022? After all, you know for sure that you will need coffee machines for the office, so you might as well invest in one that will keep people happy and productive. 

How To Determine Which Coffee Machines Are Best

There are certain criteria to look out for when compiling a list of the best coffee machines on the market. You don’t want to overlook any of the gems out there, but you need to make sure you only look at machines that will clearly help people get more of their work done. It is a delicate balance to bring both of these desires to life. You can make sure the machines you review are something that people in your office have had the chance to look over as well. Often, giving people the chance to examine the machines is the best way to go. 

You need to make sure the machines have: 

  • The ability to serve an entire office full of people
  • Make everyone happy with the taste of the coffee that it produces
  • Has the ability to make multiple different types of coffee to fulfill everyone’s desires

We want to take a look at a couple of machines that do just that. 

Phillips Series 3000

We love this coffee machine because it has a small body, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your office breakroom or kitchen space. Also, this machine is equipped to handle coffee beans being placed in it. The importance of that is that it means you can mix up your selections more often. You are not held just to the coffee ground flavors that you can find at your local grocery store. That means a lot to many people as they experiment with different coffee flavors they have never had the opportunity to try before. They now get that chance, and most are delighted with the results. 

Keurig K150 Medium Business

This machine is ergonomic in the extreme. This is great because it will not be a concern as far as space goes. This one is very easy to use and has a clearly marked water line that makes it a bit easier to get just the right amount of water put in it, so it can produce great-tasting coffee. 

Amazon Basic Espresso Machine

Finally, this machine deserves a mention because of its budget-friendly price and the fact that it can make espresso drinks. Some employees simply love to have an espresso as compared to a traditional coffee, and they should be granted the freedom to do so. If you want to make everyone happy with their coffee machine choices, the best path forward is via the Amazon Basic Espresso Machine. 

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