The Coolest Vintage Vending Machines

Most vending machines you see these days are fairly utilitarian in design. That is, they are designed to show off the goods inside, rather than stand out as aesthetically-pleasing machines in their own right. But that hasn’t always been the case, as you can tell by looking at vintage vending machines in Los Angeles, CA.

With bright colors, clever mechanics and stylish designs, old-school vending machines can be a standout these days in a crowded vending world. These eye-catching machines can be more than just money making “24-hour shops,” as they used to be called. In the right setting, they can be as much of an interior design feature as a retro jukebox or framed movie poster.

Different types of vintage vending machines

Vintage vending machines in Los Angeles, CA can be found in all kinds of different sizes, shapes, colors and styles. There are some that are the size of a refrigerator, some that are more akin to a vender’s pushcart and some that are tall and skinny and designed for small treats.

Most old-school vending machines were designed to sell sweet treats, and could often be found in movie theaters. Candy and gum were popular items, but there were also ice cream vending machines. These operated largely on the honor system: you put in your dime or nickel, which unlocked the top for you to reach in and grab a frozen treat with the understanding that you were only allowed to take one.

Even if you’re old enough to remember when many bars and restaurants had cigarette vending machines, you may not know there were also cigar vending machines. Imagine that for five or 10 cents you could get a cigar and light up right there in the restaurant! While that particular bit of nostalgia may not be desirable, the style and throwback to an earlier era can be an interesting addition to the interior design of a space.

Vending machine designs

One of the coolest things about vintage vending machines are their old-school designs. Many of these vintage machines are from the ‘40s and ‘50s, when Art Deco styles were in fashion. You can often find vending machines designed in this style, mimicking some of the towering and impressive skyscrapers of the day.

Other designs chose to employ fun operational gimmicks to entice people to purchase their wares. Sometimes that meant inserting a penny and pulling a colorful knob to get a piece of gum, or inserting a dime and turning a knob to select the candy of your choice. Some even had lights that turned on when you made a selection—a snack and a show!

While some vintage vending machines can be found in their original condition, they can also be restored to their former glory. With restoration, you can also choose to update the look, or add personal touches that fit your aesthetic.

If you’re looking to add some of that old-school cool look with vintage vending machines in Los Angeles, CA, call VSI Vending & Coffee Services today.

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