Optimizing Vending Machines for More Profit

There are many financial benefits to having a vending machine, including the fact that they’re storefronts that are “always open” and can offer any kind of goods that will sell well in a given location. But if it’s been a while since you updated your machine, and especially if you have an older machine, you may not be getting the most vending machine profits in Los Angeles, CA that you could be.

You may be keeping up with trends on your customers’ tastes as far as what you stock the machine with, but there are other methods of vending machine optimization in Los Angeles, CA that can maximize the earning potential of your investment in a vending machine. For example, there have been many advances in recent years in forms of payment and design tastes.

Here are some things to consider for getting more vending machine profits, including adding credit card payments, freshening up the look of your vending machine and adding more variety to the offerings.

Add credit card payments

Fewer and fewer people are carrying cash these days, especially younger folks. The trend now is heading more and more toward contactless payment, including credit cards, digital options like Apple Pay and Google Wallet and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Vending machines traditionally take cash as a form of payment. There are even some that only take coins. But did you know that many vending machines can be updated to include credit card or other forms of payment?

Credit card readers like USA Technologies’ ePort can be added to new or refurbished vending machines. Devices like this not only accept alternative forms of payment, but they also track sales and can digitally deliver detailed reports to your inbox.

New look

Not all vending machines were designed with visual aesthetics in mind. They’re often boxy, black rectangles with a clear front to show off the goods inside. But they don’t have to stay that way.

You can customize your vending machine with a wrap to make it stand out to the eye. It can be made with bold colors or designs to highlight the type of goods inside. A custom wrap can also help a vending machine blend in with an existing interior design scheme.

Freshening up the look of your vending machine can be a good way to keep it interesting in spaces where it is seen on a daily basis. It can be made to highlight a particular time of year, a local sports team or anything else you can imagine.

Combo machines

Many vending machines were made to offer just one type of product, like snacks, soda, sandwiches, etc. If you wanted to offer a complete meal option, that meant you’d need to have multiple machines. Combo machines can include several different types of goods. For example, a customer could get a cup of soup, a beverage and a side of chips from a single machine.

When you’re ready to optimize your vending machines in Los Angeles, CA, call VSI Vending & Coffee Services today to learn more.

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