Do Healthy Vending Machine Snacks Exist? If So, What Are They?

Healthy, or just healthier?

In an area that recognizes the value of healthy living, deciding how to stock your vending machine inevitably presents a choice between old favorites, like candy and chips, and healthier options—which might not be much healthier than a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Are there any actually healthy options when it comes to vending machines in Los Angeles, CA?Let’s take a closer look.

Snack manufacturers have been marketing lower-calorie, lower-fat options that claim to be healthier than their fried and salty counterparts. While there’s certainly a difference between baked and fried potato chips, for example, it would be a stretch to call them healthy.
Generally, snacks like these, which are commonly found in vending machines, are loaded with preservatives so they’re able to last for months, if necessary. However, there are fresh food vending machines available that offer refrigerated options. They require more frequent service, but can be a great option for those watching their diets carefully.
Some vending machine owners opt to offer snacks like nuts, granola bars, pretzels and sandwiches—healthier than sugar- and fat-loaded chips and candy, with better nutritional value on the whole, but still not a substitute for a fresh meal.

How well do they sell?

Sometimes the reason vending machine operators don’t include healthy snacks is because they don’t sell as well. Mass-produced snacks are usually cheaper than fresh options, which cost more to produce and require more frequent service. Many people would rather opt to spend a dollar or two on a candy bar rather than $5 to $7 on a salad or sandwich.
This means that if you’re planning on offering healthier options at your business or attraction, you need to take several factors into consideration. First, are there nearby food options that could provide a healthy meal or snack at a similar price point? Second, how have healthy options typically performed in the past? Finally, consider the customer. If your machine is in a gym, healthy and performance snacks will do better than on a college campus with a food court just around the corner.
Some business owners prefer to split the difference and test drive a few healthier options alongside the traditional snacks. Protein bars, veggie crisps, fruit leathers and popcorn can provide inexpensive fuel with more nutritional value.

Whatever your goals may be, VSI Vending & Coffee Services is happy to consult with you about our bestsellers as well as healthy snacks for your vending machine.
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