Fitpick Program

Fitpick Program

At VSI Vending & Coffee Services, we understand the importance of providing healthy snack and beverage options to our customers. That’s why we are proud to offer the Fitpick Program, a carefully curated selection of nutritious and delicious vending products. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of the Fitpick Program and how it can enhance the vending experience for both businesses and consumers.

1. What is the Fitpick Program?

The Fitpick Program is a health-focused vending initiative offered by VSI Vending & Coffee Services. It aims to promote better eating habits and provide access to nutritious snacks and beverages. The program ensures that all products meet specific nutritional guidelines, making it easier for consumers to make healthier choices when using our vending machines.

2. Curated Selection of Healthier Options

One of the key features of the Fitpick Program is its carefully curated selection of healthier vending options. Our team works diligently to identify and stock products that adhere to strict nutritional criteria. This ensures that customers have a variety of nutritious choices available to them, including low-fat snacks, whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables, and beverages with reduced sugar content.

3. Empowering Healthy Choices

By offering healthier snack and beverage options, the Fitpick Program empowers consumers to make healthier choices while satisfying their cravings. Traditional vending machines often showcase products high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. With the Fitpick Program, customers can have peace of mind knowing that the products they select align with their health goals.

4. Supporting Employee Wellness

Implementing the Fitpick Program in the workplace can have numerous benefits for employers as well. By providing healthier options, businesses can support their employees’ overall wellness. Healthier snacking choices can result in increased energy levels, improved productivity, and reduced absenteeism. It also encourages a culture of wellness and demonstrates a commitment to employee health and well-being.

5. Meeting Dietary Restrictions and Preferences

The Fitpick Program also caters to individuals with dietary restrictions and preferences. We understand that different people have different nutritional needs, whether due to allergies, intolerances, or personal choices. With the Fitpick Program, we strive to include a diverse range of options that accommodate various dietary requirements, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan products.

6. Promoting Balanced Nutrition

A balanced diet is key to overall health and well-being. The Fitpick Program promotes balanced nutrition by including products from different food groups. Along with offering snack options, the program emphasizes the availability of nutritious beverages, including water, unsweetened teas, and 100% fruit juices. This variety encourages consumers to make well-rounded choices and maintain a balanced approach to their diet.

7. Aligning with Health Initiatives

The Fitpick Program aligns with various health initiatives and guidelines aimed at reducing the prevalence of obesity and chronic diseases. By offering healthier options, VSI Vending & Coffee Services actively contributes to these initiatives and supports the broader goal of improving public health. It is a step towards creating an environment that promotes healthier habits and combats the negative effects of poor nutrition.

8. Regular Updates and Feedback

To ensure the continued effectiveness of the Fitpick Program, we regularly review and update the product selection based on feedback from customers and industry trends. We value the input and preferences of our clients and strive to provide the most relevant and appealing options. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our vending machines are always stocked with the best and healthiest choices.


The Fitpick Program offered by VSI Vending & Coffee Services is an excellent way to provide healthier snack and beverage options to consumers. By carefully curating a selection of nutritious products and adhering to strict guidelines, the program enables customers to make healthier choices when using our vending machines. The program not only supports personal health goals but also contributes to employee wellness initiatives and aligns with broader health initiatives. With the Fitpick Program, you can enjoy the convenience of vending machines while promoting better eating habits and a healthier lifestyle.

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