7 Advantages of Having a Coffee Machine in the Workplace

Most people enjoy a good cup of java and what better way to get the spirits up in the office than with a coffee machine? Brewed coffee from a machine always tastes much better than instant coffee. If you have ever wondered why business owners should invest in coffee machines, carry on reading as we give you some pointers.

Seven Reasons for Investing in a Coffee Machine for the Office 

1 – Coffee might increase productivity

Decaf may not work the same as caffeinated coffee, but caffeine tends to boost energy. Hence coffee can “wake” people up. It’s also why it is often used in energy drinks. But making a nice cuppa at work is always delicious and picks you up even mentally.

2 – They’re easy to use

Business owners should invest in coffee machines because they are easy to use, and the staff can enjoy a cup without faffing too much with instructions or controls. They also work quickly, so you don’t wait too long to enjoy your tasty brew.

3 – Teams that drink coffee together work together – Having a coffee machine in the office can improve and encourage teamwork

Some places have witnessed staff members working well together over a cup of java. In fact, it’s as if a sense of bonding occurs when enjoying a cup of coffee with a colleague. Often, teams arrange among themselves who will prep coffee for that time of day and so on. Coffee machines encourage spirited teamwork, so if you haven’t got one yet, you best invest in one for the office.

4 – Coffee machines make a great first impression

Often when seeing a coffee machine in the cafeteria, staff or potential staff members and even someone visiting the office, would usually find it impressive. A coffee machine tends to set a bar of “this place is taken care of”.

5 – Quality coffee for quality work

Some organizations encourage their staff to do well with good coffee. There is nothing like a good, quality cup of coffee. A reward with quality brewed coffee will show your appreciation to your staff.

6 – May encourage better recruits

Coffee tends to sell a position to the ideal employee. Offices with a coffee machine and free bottomless coffee is a go for many people and thus, a better choice than the organization that does not offer coffee perks.

7 – Coffee machines are safe

Coffee machines are safe because, for instance, when rushing about to meet time targets, it’s easy to spill the hot water from the kettle in a hurry between quick coffee breaks. But a coffee machine does all the work for you; in minutes, you can pour and enjoy your cuppa.

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