Best Locations For Vending Machines

Operating vending machines is a great side business for those who are looking to create income streams. This type of enterprise gives you the option of flexible work hours and the freedom to increase or decrease the commitment you have to the job. Although this is not entirely a passive form of income, it definitely requires fewer on-site hours than a traditional job.

If you are considering this investment, there are a few things you should consider first. The most important detail you should consider is where you will place your machines. Let’s look at where can you legally have a vending machine.

Can You Get a Vending Machine in Your House?

Yes, you can legally put a vending machine in a house, however, this is not usually the most profitable type of location to choose from. Ideally, you will want to place your vending machines somewhere there is a lot of foot traffic, and ideally, somewhere people often find themselves in need of drinks or snacks. Let’s look at some great locations to place your machines for maximum profitability.

Manufacturing and Distribution Facilities

These types of locations see a lot of coming and going as employees clock in, clock out, and go about their job tasks. During the day finding a quick snack is often an important part of their day. Industrial parks that host multiple businesses are also great places, as you will have access to tons of foot traffic throughout the week.


Office buildings are another wonderful vending machine location. Here again, employees are coming and going all day long. It is often inconvenient to leave work every time you want a snack or a drink. Placing a vending machine within an office or an office complex gives you access to customers on a regular basis.

Apartment Complexes and Hotels

Apartment complexes and hotels are also great locations, and people here may not have access to a regular store for a quick snack or drink. If you can work out contracts with several apartment complexes or hotels within a short distance of each other, you can increase the efficiency with which you run your business and increase your income.


People are often left waiting for long periods of time inside hospitals, making these a great vending machine option. There may be certain criteria, however, for what can or cannot be added to the inventory of a vending machine within a hospital or nursing home setting. Be sure to discuss this with management before signing contracts.

Key Considerations

In order to operate a vending machine on a property, you will need the express permission of the owner or property managers. There will likely be certain rules and regulations you will need to follow per each property.

You will work out contracts with these locations to operate your machine. You will be responsible for keeping machines in proper working order and stocked.

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