How Do You Find Locations for Your Vending Machines? Here Are Some Tips to Consider

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers is, “What are the best methods for finding locations for my vending machines?”

There’s not a single answer here, as what works well for one business might not work as well for another, but there are some general rules you should consider when looking for the best placement for vending machines in your business.

Here are a few tips for you to follow when considering how to find the perfect locations for your vending machines:

  • Do a bit of research: What are the other vending options you already have? Are there other stores in the area, such as convenience stores, that might offer competing products? How much traffic is in that area? Get a good feel for any potential site before you get any further in your vending machine installation process.
  • Determine what you intend to sell: Depending on the locations you’ve selected for your vending machines, you may have different preferences for what you’ll be selling. Consider the shelf life of the products, profit margins you want to aim for and how much the products will cost you to purchase and restock.
  • Location: If you’re seeking out other business properties to place a vending machine, there are a variety of other factors you should consider when making your decision. Ideally, any area where you place a vending machine will have plenty of foot traffic. There’s a reason why shopping malls, airports, train stations, schools, event centers and public government buildings are all popular choices for vending machines. You should also consider any existing machines or competition—if you see an opportunity to claim an unclaimed area, jump on it.
  • Analyze behavior of people in the building: Watch the behaviors of people who regularly inhabit the area where you’re considering placing a vending machine. If it’s a spot where people regularly line up or wait for services or where they congregate without moving around much, this could be an ideal spot for a vending machine. Examples include medical centers, libraries, salons and fair grounds.
  • Go with the reliable options: There are certain types of properties that almost always make for reliable locations for vending machines. These include gyms, hotels, apartment communities, large manufacturing facilities, schools, universities, community colleges and large office buildings.
  • Be ready to pitch a proposal: If you’re not getting a vending machine on-site for your own business property and are instead looking to use the vending machine as a source of income from another property, you’ll need to draft a proposal and approach the business or property owner with that pitch. Focus on outlining how the vending machine will add value to their service offerings or property.

Need some more tips about finding the most suitable locations for your vending machine? Get in touch with the team at VSI Vending & Coffee Services, and we will be happy to provide you with further advice. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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