Why You Need a Coffee Machine in Your Workplace

As an employer, you’re in something of a tricky situation. You have to balance the needs and mood of your staff while adhering to a budget that cuts down on costs and increases profit. For managers or business owners looking to score a long-term victory with their team without draining their company’s finances in the process, here’s a surefire solution: add a coffee vending machine to your office.

If you aren’t already relying on an office coffee machine in Los Angeles, CA, here are some compelling reasons to give it a shot.

Boost convenience

There are plenty of offices throughout Los Angeles that have a coffee pot for communal use. The idea is that if you drain the pot, you make a new one. Here’s the catch, though: someone in the office will inevitably drink all but a few drops from the coffee pot and then go about their day. This leaves the next person in line a 20-minute window of time where they’re not working. It also makes them cranky.

When you provide single-serving office coffee vending in Los Angeles, CA, no single employee is responsible for making coffee, and there’s always a fresh cup ready.

Kick productivity to a new level

The notion that coffee is a boon to worker performance is not a myth. Taking those few moments to pour and drink a cup of coffee (or two) in the morning can increase energy levels, reduce feelings of fatigue and even stimulate brain function. That’s right, coffee makes you smarter!

All those positive benefits to drinking a few cups of coffee will combine to improve your employees’ productivity when they sit down to begin their day.

Improve morale

People like coffee. That’s just a fact. Study after study indicates that drinking four or more cups of coffee every day not only improves your mood, but can actively ward off depression. In short, offering a steady supply of coffee to your employees is the perfect way to boost everyone’s mood before a hard day at work.

Increase communication

People will indeed need to wait a (literal) minute for their coffee to be poured in the mornings. As more of your employees arrive and head over to get their daily cup of coffee, it’s only natural that a small line will form. This is a fantastic opportunity for your employees to discuss the day’s events and get to know each other on a deeper level than a workday typically allows.

Taking a few moments to socialize creates a more profound sense of connection between your employees and their jobs. That leads to higher productivity and a sense of belonging.

Get the perfect coffee machine

If you’re on the hunt for a state-of-the-art office coffee machine in Los Angeles, CA, then look no further than VSI Vending & Coffee Services. We have more than two decades of experience providing a wide variety of vending options to our valued customers.

If you already have a coffee vending machine, that’s no problem! We have an assortment of other vending options: sweet and salty snacks, fruit, ice cream, salads, sandwiches, wraps, bagels and more. Call today to find out what VSI Vending & Coffee Services can do for you.

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