Five Interesting Facts About Vending Machines

There’s more to that candy dispenser than you thought! You might be surprised by the following vending machine facts in Los Angeles, CA. Check these out, and the next time you stop by a vending machine for a Coke, it might seem like an entirely new experience.

More than sodas and snacks

Most often, vending machines are filled with snack items. They are a common go-to source for candy bars, chips, soda and other munchies to help you get through the day. However, an important vending machine fact in Los Angeles, CA is that these dispensaries go far beyond your basic snack items.

Today, you can find vending machines that offer everything from pizza to office supplies. Some have even made their way into technology, selling headphones, ear buds and even electronic devices such as cell phones.

More than Walmart

The number of vending machines in existence across the country is impressive. If you added up all the Walmart, Home Depot and Starbucks locations in the United States, you still would not come close to reaching the number of vending machines you can find throughout the nation. There are nearly 5 million of these machines placed strategically across the U.S., in stores, parks, gas stations, malls and more.

More energy efficiency

As businesses and individuals have sought sustainable solutions, vending machines have become “greener” as well. Some vending machines are now equipped with a device that lets the machine turn on and off automatically. A motion sensor controls this energy-saving feature. When no one is using the machine, it turns off. It also shuts on and off to maintain the right temperature for the items inside, conserving energy as much as possible.

More high-tech

One of the most surprising vending machine facts in Los Angeles, CA is that these devices can now use artificial intelligence. At some universities in the United States, you can find vending machines that interact with an app using artificial intelligence to allow consumers to purchase a Coke with the app. Now that’s smart vending!

More than cash

In addition to intelligent vending, many machines have also incorporated high-tech solutions for payments. In the past, the person who wanted to buy a Kit Kat bar from a vending machine needed a nice, crisp dollar bill to insert in the machine or coins to place in the designated slot. Now, you can use your debit card or credit card to pay for that candy bar or soda. In fact, you can even use Apple Pay or other mobile payment options at some vending machines.

Learn more

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