Facts About Vending Machines You May Not Have Known

Many of us use vending machines on a regular basis, yet how much do you really know about them? How do vending machines work in Los Angeles, CA, and how have they changed over the years? You might be surprised to find out that they’ve been around for almost a century and a half, or that you can get all kinds of non-edible products now.

Vending machines are convenient, inexpensive and a great way to make some passive income from your property. Here are some fun vending machine facts in Los Angeles, CA—read on to learn more, then call VSI Vending & Coffee Services to get your own vending machine today:

  • The first vending machines: Vending machines have been around since the 1880s, making them around 140 years old. The first ones appeared in London and offered apples, postcards and other small options.
  • The first American vending machine: Vending machines came to America in 1888, and dispensed Tutti Frutti gum. It was created and distributed by the Thomas Adams Gum Company.
  • Vending machines have been serving soda for a long time: In the 1920s, vending machines that automatically poured soda into a cup came on the scene. By the 1930s, the machines distributed glass bottles of soda. If you bought a bottle of soda from these machines, you’d have just two choices—Coke or Pepsi—unlike the machines of today.
  • What the name means: “Vending” refers to the automatic retailing aspect of these machines, which were initially designed to sell small foods, drinks and other items.
  • The rise of paper: Paper bills weren’t accepted in vending machines until 1965. Not only had prices gone up, but it was handy not to have to carry coins around if you needed a snack or soda.
  • Paper or plastic now available: Vending machines that accept credit cards came on the scene around 2008 and steadily gained popularity. Now it’s unusual to see a machine that doesn’t accept credit cards or some form of non-cash payment.
  • Other items: In the early 2000s, vendors started getting creative and offering other items than food and drinks, like electronics, toys, skincare products and office supplies. These tend to be especially popular at airports and other places where people are either bored or need emergency supplies.
  • Nutritional information: Thanks to a new wave of health consciousness, vending machines started supplying nutritional information next to the items starting in 2012. This is designed to help consumers make smart choices for their diet and nutritional needs.

Vending machines have undergone plenty of changes over the years, but their general purpose hasn’t. Different payment methods and different items are just part of providing people with the items and food they need to get through the day, in a convenient and low-cost way.

If you’re interested in installing a vending machine on your premises, call the team at VSI Vending & Coffee Services to get started. We hope you enjoyed these vending machine facts, and look forward to working with you to stock your Los Angeles, CA business or other establishment soon!

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